New Apps Popular With Collegiate Consumers

Looking for a new way to target college students on social media? Check out these two new apps specifically targeted towards the collegiate consumer.

FADE is a free app that lets you temporarily share photos with your network. The main idea of this app is to let users share photos privately with friends and their network. Similar to Snapchat, the posts don’t last forever, but only 24 hours. Users can post “Fades” which usually disappear from the timeline in 24 hours, depending on how popular the photo becomes. Then users can go through the other Fades in the area and either up vote or down vote a Fade. The more photos a post gets the longer it stays alive on the app. User can post as many Fades as they would like, but are only allowed one secret Fade per day.

This app is fun, new and focuses on visual content. Download Fade to see what people around you are sharing.



Yik Yak is like a chatroom full of statuses of what is going on in a particular area. In this social media app users share experiences, quotes, shout outs, news, or any other written content they want to share with their network.

The status then goes into the stream of Yaks where other users can up vote or down vote a status. Next to the Yak is a number that represents the number of votes.

The Yik Yak app can expect to see an increase in users with their marketing strategies such as the Ride the Yak 2014 Fall Campus Tour. Expect to see the Yik Yak mascot and team in a large colored tour bus invading your campus this fall!

Both Fade and Yik Yak are becoming popular in universities and colleges nationwide. If you plan to focus on the college demographic, consider adding these two apps to your social media strategy.





Instagram Launches Two Key Features

Yesterday Instagram launched two key updates to their app: The ability to edit your caption and to search for people.

At the bottom of your screen you’ll see the Explore icon is now a magnifying glass. When you open Explore, you’ll see two tabs: Photos and People. The original Photos tab has not changed, but the new People tab will allow users to find people they want to follow. Expect the user experience to be familiar because this tab contains the same scrolling grid of photos and videos of people we you may already know. In addition to accounts you may know, the People tab highlights top accounts for you to discover.



The other update Instagram rolled out was the ability to edit a caption after you submit a photo. Now we don’t have to dread the moment when we realize we misplaced one letter. This is a feature we have anxiously been waiting to see. When you tap on the three little dots at the bottom of the screen you will find a new “Edit” option in the menu.  Being one the top requests from their community, according to Instagram, we and the rest of their users are going to take full advantage of this feature.


Social media marketers, business owners and individual users are praising Instagram for finally giving us a fail-safe feature. Thank you.