The Dos and Don’ts Of The Perfect Landing Page

It’s long been a buzzword in digital marketing, but not many know what it is exactly. So, what is a landing page? A landing page is basically any web page a website user arrives at or “lands” on. When built and used correctly, a landing page can boost a business by getting crucial information across and driving conversions.

Many companies direct web traffic to their homepage; however doing this can cause a few problems. The biggest issue is that the company may have many products or services, and sending visitors to the homepage may overwhelm them instead of informing them. The end result? Visitors leave and take their business elsewhere.

Media X-Ray has created landing pages for various digital marketing campaigns, so we know a thing or two (or more!) about landing pages, what makes them work, and what doesn’t. Here are a few helpful tips.


DO Have a Complementary Header
You will want the header of your ad or anchor text to complement the header of your landing page. This will prevent confusion among web users. For example, if you have an ad for “The Best Taco Recipes”, your page (and its header) shouldn’t be about “Your New Favorite Burrito Recipe.” That’s just weird.

DO Use Proper Grammar
Using proper grammar not only ensures that what you write is understandable, it also builds trust between you and your site’s visitors. A visitor may not want to purchase a $300 watch from a company whose landing page is riddled with multiple spelling errors and instances of wrong grammar.

DO Use Testimonials and Other Trust Indicators
Trust between you and your web visitors may spell the difference between driving conversions and losing them. Take advantage of any positive testimonials you may have received from happy customers. You might have accreditations or citations from professional organizations; putting up their logos on your website (with permission, of course) may also prove to be beneficial.

DO Tell Your Visitors What to Do
Sometimes less means more; this applies specifically to your calls to action. Keep your calls to action short, simple, and relevant. You want the call to action to focus on the goal of your landing page: Call Now, Sign Up Today, Buy Now, etc. Test different calls to action and determine which one gives you the best clickthrough rate. And speaking of goals…

DO Make Your Goals Stand Out
Today’s web users are impatient and will most likely ignore information that doesn’t stand out and catch their eye. Make your headers eye-catching and identify the keywords that will draw interest from visitors. Make sure your calls to action, buttons, and phone numbers are in bright colors.

DO Use Links Wisely
The purpose of advertising your landing page is to drive conversions. Focus on that. If your landing page is littered with a lot of links, this may discourage and distract visitors, their precious clicks ending up taking them to another page that has nothing to do with the goal you want to achieve.

DO Use Relatable and Engaging Content
Use images or videos that will reinforce your page. If you have a landing page about swimming lessons it wouldn’t make sense to have pictures of mountains. Relatable, not to mention engaging, content will give visitors that extra push to look deeper into your products or services.

DO Keep It Above the Fold
It’s important to keep the most important information above the fold. A page’s fold is the space a visitor sees without having to scroll down the page. Within the fold, you should have your main header, compelling content and images, and most importantly, the call to action.


DON’T Sell to Everyone
Pushing your page to as many users as you can is great for exposure, but isn’t exactly the most effective way to get qualified traffic, the kind that converts.

DON’T Ask for Too Much Info
Asking your visitors to do too many things or provide too much information will scare them away. Just ask for the basics: Name, Email Address, and/ or Phone Number.

DON’T Direct Visitors to the Homepage
Visitors clicked on your ad because they’re interested in what your ad has to offer; they’re likely to leave if they see the landing page has nothing to do with the ad. It’s misleading and just bad, bad, bad practice.

DON’T Forget to Track and Test
Landing pages, like everything about digital marketing, is evolving. So the perfect landing page also adapts to the trends; it keeps changing and improving to fit the audience’s preferences. So keep your landing page updated with fresh content, test various calls to action, experiment with the layout, etc. Also, don’t forget to always check your analytics! A landing page’s analytics are a gold mine. With analytics, you can gain a deeper insight into your target audience’s behavior and tweak your landing page accordingly.

If you need help building and optimizing a landing page, shoot us a message or call 775-501-5505.