Instagram Launches Two Key Features

Yesterday Instagram launched two key updates to their app: The ability to edit your caption and to search for people.

At the bottom of your screen you’ll see the Explore icon is now a magnifying glass. When you open Explore, you’ll see two tabs: Photos and People. The original Photos tab has not changed, but the new People tab will allow users to find people they want to follow. Expect the user experience to be familiar because this tab contains the same scrolling grid of photos and videos of people we you may already know. In addition to accounts you may know, the People tab highlights top accounts for you to discover.



The other update Instagram rolled out was the ability to edit a caption after you submit a photo. Now we don’t have to dread the moment when we realize we misplaced one letter. This is a feature we have anxiously been waiting to see. When you tap on the three little dots at the bottom of the screen you will find a new “Edit” option in the menu.  Being one the top requests from their community, according to Instagram, we and the rest of their users are going to take full advantage of this feature.


Social media marketers, business owners and individual users are praising Instagram for finally giving us a fail-safe feature. Thank you.