Case Study: Law Firm Digital Marketing Achieves 358% Increase in Leads

Law is one of the most established and venerable industries in this country. However, in recent years the law industry in the United States has been particularly hard hit by social and economic change, creating an extremely competitive environment for law professionals. The Great Recession of 2008 forced many law firms to make cutbacks from which they never fully recovered. Recent graduates from law school face a high unemployment rate, and declining wages if they are lucky enough to find a job in the law industry.

In addition to economic challenges,  attorneys also have to contend with how people’s research habits have changed when it comes to finding a lawyer. Attorneys used to depend almost exclusively on word of mouth referrals as their source for new clients. However, in today’s digital world, 38% of consumers rely on the internet to find and research a lawyer. This means that law firms without a website or optimized web presence are losing out on potential clients.

This competitive environment is forcing lawyers to expand their law firm marketing tactics in order to bring in more clients and revenue. For example, Reno criminal defense lawyer Richard P. Davies turned to law firm digital marketing when he found that he could no longer rely exclusively on personal referrals and and limited paid search advertising for client acquisition.

Richard P. Davies and many other attorneys have found that law firm digital marketing is a cost-effective and holistic way to promote your practice  in the twenty first century. Digital marketing is a departure from traditional forms of marketing like print, mailers, and billboards. Law firm digital marketing is the promotion of a firm using multiple digital channels. These digital channels might include email, social media, the company website, paid digital advertising, and more.

We worked with Richard P. Davies to create a holistic digital marketing strategy for his law firm that would drive more potential clients to his website. Digital marketing has had a dramatic effect on Mr. Davies’ lead flow. Since our digital marketing campaign began, the number of leads funneled through Mr. Davies’ website, either by call or form fill, has grown by 358%. Mr Davies is extremely satisfied because his website generates an average of 10 leads a week.

Do you want the same results for your law firm? Learn more about our digital marketing strategy for Richard P. Davies, and what tactics we used to increase traffic and conversions when you download the case study.